Top 5 Facts from Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018

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A fantastic Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang is now over. It has been a relatively successful games for Team GB, with some disappointing results but hey-ho, onto the next one. We’re sure it’s left you all craving a slide down the mountains, so why not take a look at the great deals we have on ski holidays to some of the top destinations in Europe. But before you pack your bags for your next trip, cast your eyes over our top 5 facts from the Winter Olympics 2018!

1 - Coldest Games On Record

After the previous games notably too warm, this year it has been the opposite concern. It has been the coldest in the last 2 decades surpassing Lillehammer in 1994 making it one of the coldest Winter Olympics on record. Temperatures have plummeted to around -25C at night, making conditions for athletes and fans a tad too frosty. The opening ceremony in particular was notoriously tough for everyone, especially fans who were sat for 2 hours in the stadium watching and even some of the athletes not attending with concerns over how it would affect their performances. Although it’s not been too cold for some!

2 - Huge Investment

This years Olympic Games has received a huge amount of investment from the Korean Government with $13 billion put into the city and the surrounding area, including the $109 million spent creating the Olympic Stadium.

3 - Smallest Host City Since 1994

Another comparison to the games in Lillehammer, is that it’s the smallest city to host the Winter Olympics since 1994. Despite its size, it houses 2 large olympic villages for all the athletes and their entourage, as well as the city’s inhabitants.

4 - Korea United

One of the big breakthroughs of this tournament, hasn’t just come from a Norwegian cross-country skier, but in fact, it has come from a non-event related area. The two conflicting nations of South Korea (hosts) and North Korea came together with their athletes representing one nation, Korea.

5 - What Could Have Been?

Pyeongchang has been an awesome Winter Olympics, but what could it have been? The other potential host cities that could have been the destination for snow sports lovers, were Munich, Germany or Annecy, France. But let’s not wonder what it could have been, and enjoy the aftermath of these games and begin to look forward to the next one which will be held in Beijing 2022.

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