Preparing for Your Trip

It’s important to be prepared before heading off on your ski trip – wearing the right clothing to keep warm and using the right equipment to suit your standard and style of skiing is important.

Hiring Equipment

If you don’t want to buy your own equipment, you can hire it from the various ski hire kiosks that are throughout the resorts. The equipment available to hire comes in various levels and will depend on your budget and ability.

It’s a good idea to invest in a pair of ski boots if you’re planning to go on ski holidays regularly – the more you pay, the more protection your boots will give you and they’ll offer more comfort for long days on the slopes.

Before your trip, speak to your travel agent or tour operator if you’d like to pre-pay for your skiing equipment. Alternatively, you can head to the resorts local ski shop website and pre-order what you need to save time when you arrive. We recommend pre-booking, then you won’t be faced with any unexpected bills upon arrival.


We keep snow reports for resorts to keep you updated with the best snow conditions. Ski resorts tend to experience below freezing temperatures, so it’s important to have the right clothes to wrap up warm in Alpine conditions.

You’ll need a selection of base layers, we recommend polyester-based long johns and tops – these will help to keep your body insulated. Next up you’ll need some middle layers – go for micro fleece sweatshirts and t shirts to lock in the heat. Finally, finish off with a waterproof. This final layer needs to be windproof and weatherproof. We recommend using Salopettes and a ski jacket. This will create extra warmth, protection from wet snow and will act as extra padding for those inevitable falls.

Protecting you head, feet and hands are important too. Take thick socks, gloves and hats with you, they’re a must for any skiing holiday. Keep in mind that some resorts require children to wear helmets too – check before you travel.