My Bookings

Here at Ski Swift we are always looking for ways to improve our website, and we have come up with a fantastic new way to give you access to your booking. All you need to do is have your HAY reference number, lead passengers name and date of birth and you are good to go!

You will notice that you can view your full itinerary, names, address, dates of birth and total cost. It's very important that this information is correct, so it’s a great way of checking that everything is present and correct! We always email a full confirmation and booking summary at the time you make your reservation, and you can go into documents and see all of the documents again. You can reprint these documents from here too if need be.

Another fabulous addition to manage your Booking is the opportunity to pay your balance online. Just click payment and this will take you to another page where you simply enter your card details and pay off as much or as little as you wish, as long as the total balance is paid 12 weeks prior to your holiday. Click back to the main page and you can see a running balance of monies paid to date.

You can’t make any adjustments to your holiday yet, however if you wish to call our administration team on 0191 513 6977, they will be more than happy to assist with any questions you may have.