Claviere Ski Holidays

Claviere is Italy’s oldest ski resort and retains its genuine village charm. Sitting right on the French border it offers access to the four hundred kilometres of skiing in the “Milky Way” area, which connects the village with Montgenevre in France as well as more Italian villages on its own side of the border. This is a quiet resort and is on the more peaceful end of the massive ski area behind it.

Hotels in this resort

Claviere Guide

Locals claim this village has the best snow conditions in the Milky Way. Sitting at the foot of one of the smaller legs of the Milky Way the town has a flat nursery area for the complete beginner, however, situated above the resort there is also a long blue run to move onto.

Intermediate skiers will enjoy the tree lined routes back to the village. The local lift pass includes a day’s skiing on the French side of the border at Montgenevre on the Milky Way circuits.

There isn’t a great deal to do away from the slopes in Claviere. There is a natural ice rink, an amusement arcade for the younger ones and winter walkways. Skiers who are looking for more adventure than just the skiing won’t find Claviere the place to fulfill their expectations.

This is a small, friendly resort better suited to the novices and to families, the hard core thrill seekers are advised to look for a different ski resort. One of the village highlights at night is the Torchlight Descent (bookable through your travel agent). A skidoo will take you up the mountain for a meal and then you ski home by torchlight. A fun experience for the whole family to enjoy.

Claviere is a good destination for those with family members who want to do things away from the winter sports scene. Day trips from the village can be taken to the historic town of Briancon and the city of Turin. Sleigh rides are available in the town and companies offer snowmobiling and tobogganing away from the resort. There is also a spa and wellness centre for that relaxing treat and a day’s pampering.

There are only ten hotels in Claviere which really does add to the friendly atmosphere of the place. You are very likely to encounter most of the resorts visitors in your stay and its small size makes it an ideal place for the younger family members to make new friends. The Hotel Bes is in an ideal location just across the road from the ski lift.

The highest rated hotel in the resort, it is a welcoming place and some of the rooms have four poster beds. The Hotel Miramonti is a good place for budget travellers who are just looking for a clean comfortable base in which to carry out their skiing on the Milky Way.

The village is full of character and the hotels reflect the unique blend of old and new that make up the resort. If you want to look out on a picture postcard every morning then Claviere will be the best place to find that view.

The apr�s ski here is fairly low key. There are a number of little bars in the village serving good wine and snacks. The Gran Bouc is also one of the town’s finest restaurants and serves local and international meals to gourmet standard. The Gallo Cedron is another excellent place to get a quality meal.

Clavier is a popular resort for school skiing holidays due to its laid back atmosphere and safe slopes. But even in high season the resort is never crowded and there is plenty of room for all.

The resort is best suited overall to the intermediate cruiser or the beginner. If you are a family looking for a reasonably priced holiday with nothing too complex to tackle, or are first timers who have never taken to the slopes then Clavier could be the right destination for you.

The more low key nightlife means the resort stays fairly quiet which is ideal for families and the prices here are really reasonable. Its closeness to France and other villages (Siestiere and Sans Doux) means that if you feel adventurous you can explore the slopes elsewhere or take in the entertainment in a different part of the Milky Way.

If you are happy to stay at a homely place with welcoming residents, good food and accommodation, with just enough skiing to keep everyone happy and a laid back atmosphere, then come to Clavier.